July 15, 2014


EngLinks offers workshops during exam periods dedicated to reviewing the key concepts necessary for passing a specific course’s exam. Workshops are taught by students who have succeeded in these courses just a year or two before you. Workshops are inexpensive, costing $5-$10, and typically run 2-3 hours. Workshop participation is interactive and participants will receive a review workbook complete with a solutions manual. Whether you’re looking to solidify your understanding of the course material, or you are desperate for a quick and effective review, EngLinks workshops are a staple of a successful Engineer’s study schedule.

In the past, workshops have been offered for:

  • APSC 111
  • APSC 112
  • APSC 161 (Auxiliary Views)
  • APSC 171
  • APSC 172
  • APSC 142
  • 2nd Year Differential Equations (Laplace Transforms)

Stay tuned for information about this semester’s workshops. Let us know which courses you’d like to see a workshop in! If you’re interested in tutoring at an EngLinks workshop, find out more here.

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