EngLinks offers one-on-one tutoring from experienced peers at competitive rates. Take your academic performance to the next level.


Workshops are offered in select courses during midterm and exam periods to review key concepts and solidify understanding of course material. Click above to explore eligible courses.


EngLinks offers quality educational resources to students at no charge. This includes a textbook library located in the ILC, workbooks and online resources to help students study.

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Helping and inspiring students to succeed in their academic pursuits.

EngLinks is the academic support service of the Engineering Society of Queen’s University. We help engineering students succeed in their studies. We also provide Queen’s engineers with amazing employment opportunities where they can gain work experience while helping their peers. EngLinks offers one-on-one tutoring, course specific group workshops and a textbook library in the ILC.

Whether you want to take your academic performance to the next level, or work while helping the engineering community, EngLinks is here to help.

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