July 15, 2014


EngLinks offers two types of events: Workshops and Help Desks. Please see their descriptions below!


EngLinks offers workshops throughout the semester and during exam periods dedicated to reviewing the key concepts necessary for passing a specific course’s evaluation. For just $10-$20 you will receive a 2-3 hour review session led by an upper year student who has succeeded in that specific course, accompanied by a review workbook with practice problems and solutions. Whether you’re looking to solidify your understanding of the course material, or are desperate for a quick and effective review, EngLinks workshops are a staple of a successful engineer’s study schedule.

Typically, EngLinks runs workshops for most first-year courses as well as many upper-year courses. Visit our Event Registration page to register!

Help Desks

Help Desks are typically held the night before a midterm or exam and are structured as drop-in sessions where students can ask their questions to our upper year tutors. Come visit us on the 2nd floor of the ILC at the times listed below and lock in your understanding! No registration or fee required!

  • April 10th, 7-8 pm: APSC 112 Help Desk
  • April 12th, 7-8 pm: APSC 172 Help Desk
  • April 14th, 7-8 pm: APSC 132 Help Desk
  • April 16th, 7-8 pm: APSC 174 Help Desk
  • April 19th, 7-8 pm: APSC 182 Help Desk

Additional Information and Registration

Stay tuned for information about this semester’s workshops and tutorials. Let us know which courses you’d like to see a workshop/tutorial for here!