July 15, 2014


Chemistry Review: Grade 12 Chemistry Review Workbook Student Copy.pdf

Physics Review: Grade 12 Physics Review Workbook Student Copy.pdf

Calculus Review: Grade 12 Math Review Workbook Student Copy.docx

Our goal is to offer quality educational resources free of charge to Engineering students. We have established our Textbook Library, and have a variety of new Online Resources for first years as well as upper years. If you have created a learning resource during your time at Queen’s that you think would be useful to engineering students, give us a shout and we’d be happy to publish it for you. Furthermore, if you have any old textbooks you’d like to donate to our textbook library, please contact us.

Sasha Koch
EngLinks First-Year Manager
[email protected]

Hannah Lacey
EngLinks Upper-Year Manager
[email protected]