November 24, 2015

Workshop Registration

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All workshops and tutorials are run by qualified EngLinks tutors. All registrants for a workshop (excluding tutorial) will receive a workbook that includes practice problems to be covered in the workshop.

Here is a list of our upcoming workshops and tutorials. Click the name to register and/or stay tuned for more in the near future!

First Year Workshops/Tutorials:

APSC 132 Final Exam

APSC 112 Final Exam

APSC 172 Final Exam

APSC 172 Final Exam – For students who cannot attend original workshop due to Module 3 presentations

APSC 182 Final Exam

APSC 162 Final Exam

APSC 174 Final Exam

Upper Year Tutorials: 

MTHE 281 Final Exam

ELEC 252 Final Exam

CIVL 231 Final Exam

APSC 221 Final Exam

MECH 241 Final Exam

Upper Year Workshops:

ELEC 279 Final Exam

J – Section Workshops: