February 7, 2017

First Year Resources

Here you’ll find all of our first year online resources!

NEW…. Introduction to First Year Academics

Video Resources can be found here

EngLinks is pleased to present its very first video library. Here you can find comprehensive videos explaining some critical concepts found in APSC 171, APSC 131 and APSC 111. If you know of any other videos that would be great additions to the library, feel free to contact our Resource Manager at englinks.resources@engsoc.queensu.ca.

APSC 111 Explanations and Animations

APSC 131 Explanations and Animations

APSC 143 “C” Review Package

APSC 143 “C” Example Code

This review package and example code provides a review and explanation of the topics covered in the “C” portion of APSC 143, as well as some examples of code.  This resource should be used as a supplemental source for APSC 143 in addition to the regular course material.

Please note there is a mistake in the selection sort example, please refer to the workshop workbook for the proper implementation.

APSC 171 Explanations and Animations


APSC 171 Integration Workbook

This handbook walks you step by step through different integration methods. It also includes solutions to past exam problems created by a Math Prof.

APSC 174 Review Notes

This set of notes provides a comprehensive summary of APSC 174. It provides detailed descriptions of topics covered in the course, as well as example problems. This resource should be used as a supplemental source of information for APSC 174, in addition to the regular course material.

APSC 162 Study Guide

This is a set of notes and examples that will help you draw like a pro. It can be used as a supplementary resource, in addition to the regular course material. It can aid your knowledge of graphics, assist you in understanding the drawing processes, and help you visualize 3D objects.

APSC 151 Rock Test Resource

This slideshow was created to assist students in preparing for the APSC 151 rock test. Though it does not summarize all concepts covered in the course, it presents the selected material in a simple and informative way.