November 12, 2019

Douglas Help Desk

Douglas Help Desk is a free tutoring service offered by EngLinks, in collaboration with the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science for first-year students! Typically held 1-2 days before first-year midterms and exams, EngLinks tutors are available to help students by answering any questions they may have, explaining concepts they don’t understand, and walking through homework questions.

To stay up to date on when Douglas Help Desks will be happening and for more information, be sure to like us on Facebook at and follow us on Instagram at

Douglas Help Desks are FREE and are held virtually through two mediums:

  • ZOOM: If a Help Desk is active, you can find the Zoom link for the Help Desk in the list of upcoming Help Desks below.
  • LIVE CHAT: If a Help Desk is active, you will see a chat button in the bottom right corner of your screen. Tap that if you’d like to get help from an on-call tutor via live chat!

You are welcome to access a Douglas Help Desk through either medium!

If you have any questions about Douglas Help Desk, feel free to contact our Head Manager, Charlotte Peterson, at [email protected].

Upcoming Douglas Help Desks:

  • Currently, there are no upcoming Douglas Help Desks. Stay tuned!