July 15, 2014



EngLinks offers workshops during exam periods dedicated to reviewing the key concepts necessary for passing a specific course’s exam. For just $10-$15 you will receive a 2-3 hour review session led by an upper year student who has succeeded in that specific course, accompanied by a review workbook with practice problems and solutions. Whether you’re looking to solidify your understanding of the course material, or are desperate for a quick and effective review, EngLinks workshops are a staple of a successful engineer’s study schedule.

In the past, workshops have been offered for the following courses:

  • APSC 111
  • APSC 112
  • APSC 162
  • APSC 171
  • APSC 172
  • APSC 174
  • APSC 143
  • APSC 131
  • APSC 132
  • APSC 182
  • ELEC 278
  • ELEC 279
  • ELEC 210
  • MTHE 225

Stay tuned for information about this semester’s workshops. Let us know which courses you’d like to see a workshop in by visiting our Feedback page!

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Workshop Solutions

Upper Year Tutorials

Tailored for second, third and forth year students, EngLinks also offers tutorials led by students who have excelled in the course in previous years. Tutorials are not as formal as workshops, as tutors simply work through important problems either from their own notes or submitted by students prior.

To submit questions for upcoming tutorials, or if there is a tutorial for a certain course you’d like to see in the future, please request a new tutorial.