July 14, 2014

Management Team

EngLinks Coordinator – Jillian Reid

EngLinks is run by the EngLinks coordinator, Jillian Reid. Jill is in her 3rd year of Applied Mathematics and Engineering and has a passion for learning! She loves vests, math and making cooking. Jill main goal as EngLinks Coordinator is to maintain a quality academic service while expanding EngLinks to a full service.

Workshop and Resource Manager – Jenna Marks

Marketing Manager – Sam Zareski

Workshop FYPCO – Izzy Hazan

Resource FYPCO – Ryan Kwast

Director of Academics – Daniel Tamming

The Director of Academics of the Engineering Society oversees EngLinks, among other aspects of the Academics portfolio. This year’s DoA is Dan Tamming. He’s always happy to answer questions about EngLinks or hear your input on how the service could be improved. You can check out his homepage here.